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13-15 August
Hoge Rielen


Caravans and campervans

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Unfortunately, the policy of De Hoge Rielen is not to allow caravans or campervans on the camping grounds.

[edit] Backup plan

You are allowed to park your caravan or campervan on the parking lot and spend the night there, but since it will be 700m from the camping grounds, we cannot provide power or uplink. In true hacker spirit, you are welcome to hack around this limitation of being off the grid.

[edit] Reasons

The camping grounds host a lot of scouting groups all summer long and they prefer not to mix groups of children that are on the loose with cars. The are part of "vzw Algemene dienst voor jeugdtoerisme" (governmental youth tourist organisation) and youth is their number 1 priority. De Hoge Rielen are very strict on this policy and we also believe that families or children and cars indeed don't mix well. Please note that we will not be alone and will share the nature reserve with other youthful campers.

Furthermore, they are a nature reserve and we will have access to "bakfietsen" from De Hoge Rielen to transport stuff, providing (half of) a solution to the transport problem.

To show how limited we are as an organization, we will only get 10 passes of 2 hours to have a car on the camping grounds. Priorities will be given to power, uplink, ...