Fri3d Camp 2016
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about technology, education && nature

13-15 August
Hoge Rielen



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We plan to have a family and child friendly camp. You are all invited to bring your children, but we'll have to keep those guys and girls bussy.


[edit] Geeky activities

What workshop can you come up with? An introduction to soldering? Crafting? Blue pancakes? Minecraft? Please suggest activities for children via the CFP.

[edit] Forest activities

If we go to De Hoge Rielen, they offer a range of workshops, we could organise groups of people that want to order such workshops (these are at an extra price). Other than that, we could organize swimming, walks in the forest, ... whatever is up your alley!

[edit] Handcraft Tent

  • An abundance of large pieces of paper, carton board, glue, colouring pencils, paint, safe scissors, rope, wool, glitter, ... where kids can come and go as they please, creating anything that pops up in their mind.
  • Of course there should be plenty of room to exhibit their creations.
  • Maybe we can also come up with affordable lab coats for them to ware, maybe even with their name on it (clothing stickers will do), to protect their normal cloths. (ideas:

[edit] Volunteers

Please add your name if you want to contribute.