Fri3d Camp 2016
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about technology, education && nature

13-15 August
Hoge Rielen


Info Booth

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The Info Booth is located at the Social Hangar, next to the Bar.

[edit] Opening Hours

  • Friday and Saturday from 9:00 till 24:00
  • Sunday from 9:00 till 15:00

[edit] Activities

  • make everybody feel welcome and point them to the right places.
  • registration
    • upon arrival, first check in with the Info Booth to receive your wristbands
    • everyone at camp needs to visibly wear their wristband
    • children wristbands must contain child's name and parents' phone number(s)
    • invited speakers and press will receive specific wristbands, marked as "visitor" or "press"
    • receive your pre-sold tokens and/or T-shirts
  • sale of drink tokens
  • manage supplies, bicycles
  • lost 'n' found
  • lost children
  • emergency services
  • bakery orders
  • workshop participation registration

Each volunteer shift working at the info booth will manage the following paperwork:

  • Arrivals list (marked arrivals)
  • Volunteer schedule (fill up those shifts!)
  • Materials lending list (note down
  • Bread orders (orders in before 15:00 must be called in to Hoge Rielen long before 16:00)
  • Tokens and T-shirts sold