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13-15 August
Hoge Rielen



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Part of being at a hacker camp is that there is an abundance of blinking lights. Who wants to be in a team to light up the common areas?

[edit] Indoor Lighting

- I (Ewald) will bring 4x36W TL's (that is , two green lights, one yellow, one green-yellow-ish), to illuminate out thoughts ;-) These can optionally work outside when put underneath a cover (say, a balcony). So perhaps this is something well suited for ambient light in a lounge area... We'll see.

- Tom (VoidWarranties) will bring a small self-built Geodesic Dome, equiped with 10 meters of RGB-ledstrip.

[edit] Outdoor lighting

If you have outdoor lighting that we can use please let us know.

[edit] Volunteers

Please add your name if you want to contribute!