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13-15 August
Hoge Rielen


De Hoge Rielen

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[edit] Campsite


Fri3d Camp will take place at camping terrains K2 and K8 at De Hoge Rielen (Google maps, map of their terrain, web site) in Kasterlee, in the Belgian Kempen.

[edit] Parking

The closest parking to our camping grounds is Parking 5 at Ossengoor (that is the streetname, address is without number) in Kasterlee (Google maps)

Map roads.png Map HR.jpg

[edit] Camping site features

[edit] Silent family camping

Camping ground K2, with its own sanitary block and campfire place will be used as a silent family camping. Tents could be pitched here to house families, and this campsite is supposed to be silent 22-8. Power availability will be close to none.

[edit] Nightowl camping

The furthest away from the silent camping and close to the social hangar is the camping that will be powered and is not family friendly. Respecting camp rules and nearby neighbors, those who live 24 per day will nicely fit in here.

[edit] Open playground

Next to our hacking hangar, there's space for playing. We can do some pioneering (sjorren), have our uplink antenna, and host a jumping castle. There will be power for experiments and the playground houses a sanitary block.

[edit] Hacking hangar

The central Hacking Hangar will host lots of tables and chairs for working on your projects and a workshop space, called Area 101. Bring your laptop, your 3d printer, collaborate and hack!

[edit] Social hangar

At the second hangar, the Social Hangar you can find our central Info Booth, our bar and the Main Stage for talks and music, as well as the Children's Corner workshop area.

[edit] Specs

  • HUGE camping grounds
    • K2 + K8 = 4000m2
  • 2 big hangars
    • LK8 + 318 are each 320m2
  • 2 sanitary blocks
    • 6 toilets, 2 family showers and plenty wash basins each
    • cold water only (project idea: hack your own hot shower)
  • 3 campfire spots & barbecues are allowed,
  • 75 tables and 150 chairs.

Some of the contras are that ...

  • we'll have to be rather quiet 22-8 (child friendly environment but we are isolated),
  • we'll only have cold showers (come on, it is only 3 nights and it'll be bloody hot, at least we do have showers),
  • there's no kitchen, see Food,
  • it's tents only, no campers, caravans or trailers are allowed,
  • smoking is only allowed on the outside of the hangars and near campfire places,
  • it's about 700m to the nearest parking (P5), car access is extremely limited as a basic philosophy of the terrain, but they are open to a well-organised Shuttle transport.

[edit] Field days

See Field day 2 report

Field pics taken 2013-09-28