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Lost and found

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Did you find some items missing their owner? For example some glasses, (car)keys, wallets, ... Please add it to this list. If you lost something please add your missing items here as well. If you don't have a wiki account, send an email to with [LOST AT FRI3D] in the subject, and I'll add it for you.

[edit] LOST

  • Jeff (Poincare) lost his glasses (correction -0.75). If you find them, please drop them at the info booth. EDIT: found them in my own tent ;-)
  • Jeroen (Oenie) lost his Garmin Heart Rate chest band. Last seen wednesday evening...
    • Available in the Open Garage!
  • Toon (Van de Putte) lost a small black toiletries bag with toothpaste, hair wax and a toothbrush. Found!
    • I think I found this bag while cleaning up the Info Booth. I put it in de Lost and Found box and brought it to the Hacking Hangar. So I guess Anthony will have it.
    • Available in the Open Garage!
  • Wouter has lost his Leatherman and it would be greatly appreciated if you can return this if you found it!
  • Any marked powerstrips and power cables should be returned to their rightful owners!

[edit] FOUND

  • Lieven accidentally stole a Knipex diagonal cutter (kniptang) marked "Mitch" from the solder corner
  • Piet accidentaly stole an USB stick, and forgot who he borrowed it from, please contact, and I'll mail it to you.
  • A water camping container (in the Open Garage)
  • A circuit board with tubes (in the Open Garage)
  • Colorful Xmas deco lights (in the Open Garage)
  • Empty Club Mate bottles (in the Open Garage)
  • König tripod (in the Open Garage)
  • Novid power strip (in the Open Garage)
  • 3M gloves (in the Open Garage)
  • PowerShot bag (in the Open Garage)
  • Loose ABUS key (in the Open Garage)