Fri3d Camp 2016
the family-friendly maker camp
about technology, education && nature

13-15 August
Hoge Rielen


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Fri3d Camp will take place again in 2016!

Save the date: Fri3d Camp 2016 will take place August 13-15 2016, at the same camping grounds at De Hoge Rielen, as in 2014. If you want to volunteer to help set us up the bomb, please contact Follow @Fri3dCamp on Twitter for updates on our progress.

This was Fri3d Camp 2014...

Thanks to all participants, speakers, volunteers, moms, dads, kids, sponsors and partners to make this an unforgettable experience. The organisational team wants to express their most profound gratitude to everybody who helped turning this wild idea into probably the best maker camp in the world.
Thank you!

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Keep the spirit alive and relive Fri3d Camp ...

Fri3d Camp - Belgian Summer Hackercamp 2014

The Belgian hacker community positively and constructively promotes technology, innovation and related ethical topics as a philosophy and a hobby, for all generations.

From 15 to 17 August 2014, we organise a medium-sized (100+ heads) family-friendly summer camp about technology, education and nature. Mark your calendars!

Getting Started   —   Location  

Yes, camping, as in sleeping in a tent (sorry, caravans and campervans are not allowed on the camping ground). But also a long weekend full of hacking and making, computers, soldering irons, 3D printers, quad copters and whatever you bring! Discuss evolutions in DIYbio, our constant need for privacy, user participation in new forms of governments and the need for new ways to think about food and the economy.

Fri3d Camp will take place at camping grounds De Hoge Rielen, in Lichtaart, in the Belgian "Kempen". The camp and camping site will (therefore have to) be child and family friendly.

You can now order Tickets in our ticket shop (but the food is no longer included as we already ordered it)!

Please put your name under Supporters if you want to support the organisation of this camp, by contributing bits of the organisation and market it so we can get up to a tiny few hundred people in! Please join the Google Groups group to follow-up on the organisation.

This camp is organised as a wiki, only YOU can turn this event into an experience, so, GO!

Checkout the Wanted page to help out or post your own requests. See the More Content Category for ad-hoc talks and workshops


Follow @Fri3dCamp on Twitter for up2date news!

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Everyone is needed to volunteer on a multitude of jobs to make this happen:






Partners, Supporters and Sponsors

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