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Find the latest news and updates on Fri3d Camp right here ...

Fli3d over

With our quadcopter we made an eagle eye picture:


(click to enlarge)

Program in Motion

Sunday August, 10, we received bad news from one of our speakers: Igor informed us that some time ago, his wife Carola, was badly injured and that she hasn't recovered enough to present their talk on AD(H)D for Hackers. Igor and their two kids will however be present, so there will be beyond any doubt opportunity to talk to him about the subject. About two weeks ago, we also already received similar bad news from Cheryl Miller, who was going to talk about Girls in ICT and host a workshop on Digital Music. She also had to cancel her presence at Fri3d Camp due to an injury that she hadn't recovered enough from.

We wish both ladies the very best in their recovery. Their talks will be missed, but one's well being is undoubtably a lot more important and we hope to meet them in the future and hear what they can tell us about these two important topics.

On a practical note: make sure to check our official program website, which always contains the most up-to-date information. Because the paper version of the program has already been printed, the talk by Igor and Carola is still on there, wrongfully.

Partially Closed Ticket Shop

Saturday August, 2, last night we partially closed the ticket shop. Tomorrow we need to pass on the number of participants to the catering provider and we have to place our order for the T-shirts. That means we no longer can guarantee your meals or T-shirts. Based on the current sales and a small margins we have, we will order both more meals and T-shirts for those Just-in-Time orders. So if you haven't already completed your order, you still can, but do understand there is a chance you'll have to fix your own meals at night and won't be dressed in true Fri3d Fashion.

Two Weeks to Fri3d Camp

Wednesday July, 30, things might have been calm on the wiki front, but over the passed two weeks a lot has happened. With two weeks between now and the start of Fri3d Camp, let's take a quick look back at what has been achieved and forward to what is coming real soon now.

Ten days ago, we replaced the pre-registration with the actual ticket shop. Most of you have traded their reservation for their actual tickets, ordered some of the beautiful T-shirts and tokens for drinks at the Fri3d Bar. If you haven't already, do hurry, because the ticket shop will stop offering full tickets on August 1. Because we need to provide our catering provider with participant numbers at that time, we can no longer offer two included meals after that point. The same goes for T-shirt, which also need to be ordered at that time. We will probably offer you the option to still buy access-tickets, but we can no longer guarantee all the perks.

In the mean time, the official program has also been released. This program consists of the talks that were submitted during our Call for Participation - which closed on July 15. This doesn't mean that there is no room for you to show off your great project at Fri3d Camp. At the Hacking Hangar there will be plenty of space to set up your gear, people will walk by and will be interested in what you do. When Area 101 or the Soldering Corner or the Children's Corner are not in use for "official" workshops, you are free to inform us of your ad-hoc workshop or talk and we will simply add you to the program. Fri3d Camp is your camp, with your content!

On the wiki, activity is growing as participants are looking for workshops they can assist in or solve open issues raised by other participants. The wiki is yours to be used for communication and organisation of Fri3d Camp. Feel free to use it to the fullest. We try to setup a bit of structure but your behind the wheel. We'll see how things evolve.

At this point almost all organisational issues are tackled. The next big hurdle is getting things set up. This is where you come in. Fri3d Camp is for you and by you. We are delighted that many amongst you are stepping up and request volunteer tickets. We will try to create a schedule that matches your preferences as good as possible. During build-up and clean-up we hope to also see many of you to turn everything into the wonderful camp we have virtually assembled so far. So join us on August 14 to set up the infrastructure and enjoy another extra of hacking and making.

See you soon at Fri3d Camp. In the meantime watch this wiki for more info, requests,...

Service Announcement for our Speakers

Friday July, 18, we are sorry to inform you that some email service providers are rejecting the mails from our support system and are marking them as SPAM. If you proposed a talk or workshop, please check your SPAM folder. We have sent you mails regarding your proposal. We urgently need feedback to finalise the program this week.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your support!

That's all Folks

Wednesday July, 16, we closed our call for participation last night. Even during the final hours - literally up to the very last minute - we received some excellent proposals for talks that we are going to squeeze into the time schedule at hand. I can assure you that it's going to be a packed weekend with topics spanning an enormously broad spectrum. We hope to assemble the complete Fried Camp 2014 Program by the end of the week.

Although that this means the official program is closed, you are of course free to bring more content to camp and host ad hoc workshops at the Hacking Hangar. We will also organise a lightning talk session where you can take the stage for a 5 minute slot to introduce your own projects.

Thank you for your overwhelming support.

Last Call

Tuesday July, 15, with almost 10 submissions for content during de last 24 hours you are really pushing the limits of what we can schedule in three days. Fri3d Camp is going to be packed with talks and workshops that will blow your mind. But don't let that problem hold you back to still submit your proposal today (CFP). Tonight we stop accepting regular content proposals and start working on the program.

At this point we already want to thank all of you for the support you've shown through your proposals, sponsoring and partnerships. Over the next month we're going to transform all that into an exciting three days of inspiring talks and wonderful workshops in a fantastic environment with lots of great people. Thank you!

Lifting the Veil part 3 - Robot Invasion

Monday July, 14, Klaas and Anders already touched the topic of robots with their talk on Lego Mindstorms, but we are delighted to invite you to a mind-blowing talk by Jan De Coster from Slightly Overdone and creator of some famous robotic installations world-wide. In The Robot Soul, Jan explores the consequences of the discovery of a robotic soul. An event that might be of more importance to humans than to robots.

Also, as a big proponent of FabLabs, Jan will host another talk, explaining why he thinks the future of FabLab is gradients.

Lifting the Veil part 2 - Dads

Sunday July, 13, after introducing Maria-Cristina Ciocci's series of workshops, today we turn the spotlight to two dads and their sons: Klaas Bals and his 8 year-old son Anders will take the stage and introduce us to Lego Mindstorms. Anders will explain how he felt in love with it, show what he likes to build and maybe even introduce some robot programming. We think there isn't a better way than to hear this right from the source and think it's going to be just great for both kids and parents.

Koen Pellegrims really loves his son of 4, but has little affinity with him waking everybody up at 4 in the morning to ask if it's already time to get up - I think we can relate ;-) So Koen started a little project to construct a clock that visually shows his son what he's expected to do at any given moment of the day: go to sleep, get up, ... After a while, the project, based on Raspberry Pi, has gone a bit out of control and now amongst others includes a monster-scanner. Koen is taking the opportunity to introduce us to this little project.

The talks by Klaas & Anders and Koen are prime examples of what Fri3d Camp is all about. Don't think that your little project doesn't fit in, any project you're passionate about does, even if it only takes you 5 minutes and nothing else to tell us. Everybody at Fri3d Camp will be interested. So, now is the time to submit your proposal and in less than 5 weeks you and/or your kids can enlighten us all with a story about what really matters. Take a look at our Call for Participation and go for it :-)

CFP Closes in 5 Days

Thursday July, 10, in 5 days our CFP closes and we start crunching on the program. So far we have received really wonderful proposals and are grateful for the response we have received. But that doesn't mean there isn't room anymore for your talk, workshop,...

For example, we already received several proposals for very short talks. If we receive a few more, we can setup a lightning session with many of these short, fun and interesting talks back-to-back. Want to talk about the glasses you print with your 3D printer (respect Ritik) or simply show a beautifully created piece of handcraft, explaining how you made it and inviting others to join your table in the Hacking Hangar... this might be just the thing for you.

The floor can be yours, take the opportunity to share your passion with a lot of other makers, hackers, artists,... So, head over to our CFP page and submit your proposal today!

Lifting the Veil


Thursday July, 10, with only 5 days to go before we close our CFP, we are happy to start lifting the veil and provide you with a bit of a sneak preview of what's to come. Over the following week we will start announcing talks and workshops and introduce you to some of our fantastic speakers and workshop-hosts that are going to turn Fri3d Camp into a really fun and interesting experience.

Today we introduce Ingegno, who will be hosting a series of workshops for kids. Together with Maria-Cristina Ciocci, groups of 10 kids will be creating vibro-robots, LED powering wind turbines, lonely socks monster-owls and their very own fabric out of fused plastic bags, which they can use to create a unique and personal bag, hat, wallet...

Tickets are Hot

Monday, July 7. Over the weekend, we passed the 100 preregistered tickets mark and are closing in on half of the tickets. With about six weeks before we're all heading for Fri3d Camp, it might be a good idea to pre-register your tickets now.

With one week to go in our Call for Participation we are looking forward to a pretty awesome program. Be ready to listen to inspiring talks and attend the numerous workshops. And if you haven't submitted your proposal already, do it now and be a part of the first real Belgian outdoor hacker camp!

Kids are in for a blast

Sunday, June 29. When we started out planning Fri3d Camp, we really want to focus on kids. They are the future and we want them to learn about a broad spectrum ranging from electronics to handcraft and woodwork ... in an openminded way. Creating a program that fits children, without reverting to basic games, surely holds a challenge.

Today, half-way through the Call for Participation we are delighted to see that a lot of you have fully understood the main idea for Fri3d Camp. So far we have received a lot of interesting talk proposals and wonderful ideas for workshops. Kids at Fri3d Camp will be able to build small robots, learn to create fabrics, create electricity,... and so much more, that we already know one thing for sure ... Kids are in for a blast at Fri3d Camp!

Keep your proposals coming and make Fri3d Camp a summer event to remember ... of course for everybody ;-)

Update from Team Content

Tuesday, June, 24, one week has passed since we have sent out our Call for Participation and the proposals are coming in. The diversity in topics shows that you have understood the motivation for Fri3d Camp. Ranging from designing 3D objects, to gender, sexism and technology, to window gardens and genetic modification, we are delighted by the broad spectrum we will be able to offer to all Fri3d Campers.

We know the deadline is short (we accept proposals up to July, 15), but that should not stop you from submitting. Not all details need to be there, we can work on your proposal to make it another great talk, workshop or installation.

So, thanks for your enthusiasm, keep it coming! - Team Content

Linux Belgium joins as a partner

Logo LinuxBelgium.png

Monday June,23, more good news from the sponsoring front, as Linux Belgium joins as a sponsoring partner. Potential partners interested in sponsoring or supporting the event are welcome to contact

T-shirt & hoodie designs


Sunday, June 22, Toon is hard at work on the design of your favourite summer styling, and it's coming along really nice. As a sneak preview, there are some T-shirt and hoodie designs available on the design page. Can't make it to Fri3d Camp, but still want to be part of the experience? You can of course also buy an item of clothing without a ticket, to express your support. As with the pre-registration of tickets, the pre-sale of these exclusive wearables will hit the web really soon!

Inventive Designers and 123D Circuits support Fri3d Camp

Logo 123dcircuits.png

Wednesday, June 18, we welcome two great sponsoring partners to the camp: 123D Circuits, the online printed circuit boards design and manufacturing branch of Autodesk, will be supplying a custom PCB to form the basis voor the personal badge every camper will receive and which will be assembled in our soldering workshop. Inventive Designers, one of Belgium's leading imaging and print service suppliers, has committed to supporting Fri3d Camp financially. They believe in the fundamental principles of Fri3d Camp and want to support our cause. The support will be incorporated in different aspects of the camp, allowing us to offer you more for less.

If you too want to support Fri3d Camp, supplying resources and material or financially, contact and we'll see how things can move forward.

Instructables sends our first physical camp materials


Tuesday, June 17, we have received over 2000 10mm LEDs and 40 batteries to build LED throwies during a kids workshop. We'll also have thousands of these LEDs for other projects at camp. We'll let you completely go nuts with them. I, for one, wonder what kind of sound 1000 LEDs make when they get "fri3d"?. There's just one condition: share results at!

Call for Participation

Monday, June 16, we invite you to actively participate in the realisation of Fri3d Camp. With our Call for Participation we welcome your suggestions for a talk about what you love to do, for a workshop where you would like to share your passion hands-on or topics and participants for discussion panels. Do you want to augment the already beautiful surroundings of the camp site with an installation of any kind? This is for you. Do you love to play an instrument or want to address us with an entertaining speech? The stage can be yours. From a 10 minute talk about your 3D printer to an hour discussing the importance of net neutrality, anything goes.

At Fri3d Camp 256 likeminded hackers, makers, artists,... are looking forward to hear and see other hackers, makers, artists,... talking, discussion, showing of what we all consider to be important: an open-minded passion for technology, education and nature, in all of its possible forms.

The submission deadline is July, 15. Shortly after we will announce the selected speakers, workshops, installations,... In the meantime we will invite special speakers, organise some other workshops and start filling out the content-track in general. Keep an eye on Team Content's page.

Let's get social

Sunday, June 15, many of you will probably already do this, but if not, now is the time to follow Fri3d Camp on Twitter. We will use it to communicate with the outside world, notifying you of any updates related to the organisation before and while Fri3d Camp is happening.

We also set up a Fri3d Camp Flickr Group for everybody to share pictures taken at (or in preparation of) Fri3d Camp.

10 weeks to Fri3d Camp

Friday, June 13, it's exactly 10 weeks to Fri3d Camp and we're shifting in higher gear. Team Content has started with the creation of the content track: talks, workshops, discussion panels, art and entertainment will offer something for everybody. Kids are important at Fri3d Camp and the first workshop that gets announced is targeting them: LED Throwies.

We're also announcing a contest and are challenging you to Light Up Fri3d Camp.

More to come soon!

Internet-connectivity: check


Saturday, May 31, thanks to the crew @ Wireless Antwerpen Fri3d Camp will have an uplink of a few megabit. The installation has been tested on site during a connectivity field day.

Yet another item that can be removed from our ever-growing todo list ;-)