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News:13-7-Lifting the Veil part 2 - Dads

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Sunday July, 13, after introducing Maria-Cristina Ciocci's series of workshops, today we turn the spotlight to two dads and their sons: Klaas Bals and his 8 year-old son Anders will take the stage and introduce us to Lego Mindstorms. Anders will explain how he felt in love with it, show what he likes to build and maybe even introduce some robot programming. We think there isn't a better way than to hear this right from the source and think it's going to be just great for both kids and parents.

Koen Pellegrims really loves his son of 4, but has little affinity with him waking everybody up at 4 in the morning to ask if it's already time to get up - I think we can relate ;-) So Koen started a little project to construct a clock that visually shows his son what he's expected to do at any given moment of the day: go to sleep, get up, ... After a while, the project, based on Raspberry Pi, has gone a bit out of control and now amongst others includes a monster-scanner. Koen is taking the opportunity to introduce us to this little project.

The talks by Klaas & Anders and Koen are prime examples of what Fri3d Camp is all about. Don't think that your little project doesn't fit in, any project you're passionate about does, even if it only takes you 5 minutes and nothing else to tell us. Everybody at Fri3d Camp will be interested. So, now is the time to submit your proposal and in less than 5 weeks you and/or your kids can enlighten us all with a story about what really matters. Take a look at our Call for Participation and go for it :-)

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