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13-15 August
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News:29-6-Kids are in for a blast

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Sunday, June 29. When we started out planning Fri3d Camp, we really want to focus on kids. They are the future and we want them to learn about a broad spectrum ranging from electronics to handcraft and woodwork ... in an openminded way. Creating a program that fits children, without reverting to basic games, surely holds a challenge.

Today, half-way through the Call for Participation we are delighted to see that a lot of you have fully understood the main idea for Fri3d Camp. So far we have received a lot of interesting talk proposals and wonderful ideas for workshops. Kids at Fri3d Camp will be able to build small robots, learn to create fabrics, create electricity,... and so much more, that we already know one thing for sure ... Kids are in for a blast at Fri3d Camp!

Keep your proposals coming and make Fri3d Camp a summer event to remember ... of course for everybody ;-)

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