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News:30-7-Two Weeks to Fri3d Camp

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Wednesday July, 30, things might have been calm on the wiki front, but over the passed two weeks a lot has happened. With two weeks between now and the start of Fri3d Camp, let's take a quick look back at what has been achieved and forward to what is coming real soon now.

Ten days ago, we replaced the pre-registration with the actual ticket shop. Most of you have traded their reservation for their actual tickets, ordered some of the beautiful T-shirts and tokens for drinks at the Fri3d Bar. If you haven't already, do hurry, because the ticket shop will stop offering full tickets on August 1. Because we need to provide our catering provider with participant numbers at that time, we can no longer offer two included meals after that point. The same goes for T-shirt, which also need to be ordered at that time. We will probably offer you the option to still buy access-tickets, but we can no longer guarantee all the perks.

In the mean time, the official program has also been released. This program consists of the talks that were submitted during our Call for Participation - which closed on July 15. This doesn't mean that there is no room for you to show off your great project at Fri3d Camp. At the Hacking Hangar there will be plenty of space to set up your gear, people will walk by and will be interested in what you do. When Area 101 or the Soldering Corner or the Children's Corner are not in use for "official" workshops, you are free to inform us of your ad-hoc workshop or talk and we will simply add you to the program. Fri3d Camp is your camp, with your content!

On the wiki, activity is growing as participants are looking for workshops they can assist in or solve open issues raised by other participants. The wiki is yours to be used for communication and organisation of Fri3d Camp. Feel free to use it to the fullest. We try to setup a bit of structure but your behind the wheel. We'll see how things evolve.

At this point almost all organisational issues are tackled. The next big hurdle is getting things set up. This is where you come in. Fri3d Camp is for you and by you. We are delighted that many amongst you are stepping up and request volunteer tickets. We will try to create a schedule that matches your preferences as good as possible. During build-up and clean-up we hope to also see many of you to turn everything into the wonderful camp we have virtually assembled so far. So join us on August 14 to set up the infrastructure and enjoy another extra of hacking and making.

See you soon at Fri3d Camp. In the meantime watch this wiki for more info, requests,...

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