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13-15 August
Hoge Rielen


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Fri3d Camp is YOU ! So let's make the most out of it.

This page will be used as a central location to steer things that need to be done. Consider it a TODO list. So pick out a bullet, fix it, do it, make it happen ... and remove it from the list. See something missing, add it.

[edit] TODO

  • online
    • since we're pretty open, we also need to openly explain our operational policies. Anyone has experience writing a general policy (no discrimination, ...), a privacy policy (no sharing of personal information),... ? Please have go. Are there any free-to-use examples online ? As most of us are no lawyers, we might reside to something default, but still meaningful?!
  • Sound section
    • One of Fri3d Camp's partners is going to bring a complete audio and video setup. It will be targeting talks and workshops, and we hope it will probably do for some music or screening of (indie) movies or something else.