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13-15 August
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Hello we're Team Content.

Fri3d Camp is all about hacking, making, building, craftwork, ... related to soft- & hardware, bio, environment,... tackling issues as privacy, the future,... in an open and friendly way. The main focus during the three days of camp will be on what each of us brings to the table, but we will also host a content-track that will offer a stage to present great ideas, workshops where you can explore new techniques and of course a lot of fun and entertainment.

Team Content will take the lead in creating this track. Christophe VG will be the single-point-of-contact for this team, but if you feel like helping out, he will be eternally grateful. There is a lot to do, in rather limited time. Add yourself to the list below!

Our main goal is to fill the Program with great talks, workshops and some entertainment.

You can reach us at

Team Content Members
Member Responsibilities
Christophe VG Single point of contact

[edit] Content

Content consists of four major topics: talks (including discussion panels), workshops, installations and entertainment. Visit the website for the full program.

[edit] More Content

Not all activity at Fri3d Camp will be on the "official" program. A lot of really interesting stuff is happening on the field, in the Hacking Hangar,... If you want to advertise your project, setup, ad-hoc workshop or talk, create a page and link it to the More Content Category.

[edit] Talks

Fri3d Camp will offer a stage to present great ideas, show your pet project and have fun.

Talks and discussion panels will be organised on Friday 15, Saturday 16 and Sunday 17. On Saturday we host a Lighting Session, with talks of 20 minutes, back to back. If by that time you feel like also sharing your passing about your pet project, let us know and you get your slot.

Talks will be organised at the Social Hangar, close to the bar and the food court.

[edit] Workshops

Workshops are interactive and guided. Participants should/might go home with something they made themselves, or at least learned hands-on. Depending on the resource needs for the workshop, it can be organised on the field or in the Hacking Hangar.

I'm sure many among you could organise a bunch of wildly interesting workshops (also for children), so the floor is all yours!

Workshops are hosted at the Children's Corner in the Social Hangar or at Area 101 in the Hacking Hangar. If the workshop requires some soldering, the Soldering Corner in the Hacking Hangar.