Fri3d Camp 2016
the family-friendly maker camp
about technology, education && nature

13-15 August
Hoge Rielen



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Our ticket shop is now OPEN! Head to to get tickets, official swag and drink tokens!

The following tickets are available:

  • 3bit ticket: Younger than 3 years old standard ticket: 8€
  • 4bit ticket: Younger than 6 years old standard ticket: 16€
  • 5bit ticket: Younger than 12 years old standard ticket: 32€
  • 6bit volunteer ticket: Older than 16 years and younger than 24 years volunteer ticket: 32€
  • 6bit ticket: Younger than 24 years old standard ticket: 64€
  • 7bit volunteer ticket: Volunteer ticket: 96€
  • 7bit ticket: Standard ticket: 128€
  • 8bit ticket: Business ticket, includes invoice: 256€

About volunteer tickets: We need volunteers to help us turn this camp into a success by dedicating a few volunteering hours. As more attendees volunteer, fewer needs to be done by everyone!