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13-15 August
Hoge Rielen



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The camp is organised by every participant, we're all volunteers to make this the best experience of everybody. If we all contribute 15 minutes of our time, Fri3d Camp will be buzzing with activity 3 full days in a row. On this page you can add references to your proposed workshops or projects and ask others to step up and support and co-organise what needs to be done. If you want to contribute, browse through these questions for help and chip in a bit of your time. And remember: doing it might be even more fun that just watching others do it ;-)


  • We're looking for a gas horn. If anyone can bring one, let us know. We want to use it to notify everybody on site when important announcements are to be made and we want to round up everyone. -> found one, without gas even ;-)

Joule Thief - all this covered by Lieven/Timelab now

  • We still need wooden clothes pegs (houten wasspelden), about 35
  • We'll be using the Soldering Corner's soldering irons, but also need some helping hands
  • Finally we could use some glue guns for the final assembly

Fused Plastic Bags

  • We urgently need a sewing machine that can be used during the workshop -> this is now covered, thanks Tom from Voidwarranties
  • A few additional irons would also be appreciated -> this is also covered, thanks Lieven for bringing 8 irons

Flying Light Stick Creatures

  • We need some people that coordinate the creation of the creatures during the day
  • We need some material (e.g. helium) -> this is covered, thanks Lieven for bringing a half-full B50 with Helium

In general we need a lot of volunteers to help out during the workshops, especially for the kids. These workshops aren't difficult to host, be require some people to be present to get and keep them going. If you feel like helping out on one of the proposed workshops, put your name in the supporters section, so we can include you in the organisation and schedule.

You can always contribute on the wiki, or else send an email to